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Things I’ve flown – 1

I’ve been inspired by recent posts by an old aquaintance to put up a series of posts about types of things I’ve flown over the years. I’ll try for chronological order of first flight (but I don’t guarantee it) and if I have a photo of my own I’ll post it. If I haven’t, I’ll point a link at the internet.

September 1970: Ka 7

This was my first ever flight with a feel of the controls*. It was also the first flight of my first gliding holiday with the Yorkshire Gliding Club at Sutton Bank. To be honest I don’t remember much of it beyond the winch launch. The acceleration impressed me and a few seconds into the climb I was addicted.

According to my log book there were also a couple of aerotow flights that week, but I don’t remember them at all.

Overall 2½ hours over 23 launches by my last flight in one in 1978.

I haven’t a picture of my own, but I did find a good web page here:

  • I had flown as a passenger in a Vickers Viscount and also in the back seat of a Piper Tripacer, but I’m not counting those.