Who’s Hedy?

Hedy Lamarr was a famous film star, film producer and inventor.

Our Hedy is Miz Hedy the Thruster T600T, G-MZHD. After losing our old favourite Thruster TST to a forced landing (no injuries to the humans) we decided to buy a replacement rather than carry out the extensive repairs that would be required.

After a few weeks searching the adverts and hunting down the best we could find, we fell upon an early T600T and used the remaining insurance funds to pay the Thruster expert at Volair Aviation to clean her up to a standard we could be proud of and return her to full airworthiness.

Then The Lockdown struck – she was still half way across the country awaiting the opportunity to be delivered. We were all feeling frustrated.

Then an opportunity arose for the delivery pilot to fly her to us. She’s still stuck in the hangar until the Stay at Home rule is lifted, but at least she’s there waiting for us.