A Tiger Cub

The story so far…

Right. In order to get started I’ll simply put links up to the current URLs of the story episodes on the old Saxon Microlights web site. As explained in the first post, the internal links are hard-wired to the old domain so you’ll need to come back here to jump to another episode. (NB. Titles below with a * have been added as posts in this blog and the link amended to suit.)

Introduction: It all started with back in 2003 with an ad in AFORS, “own a bit of microlighting history” it said … [Index]

*Part 1 – First buy your pile of junk.

*Part 2 – Solving the jigsaw puzzle

Part 3 – Searching for the missing pieces

Part 4 – Dirt under the fingernails (at last)

Part 5 – Getting under the skin and having some ideas

Part 6 – Dreaming up some improvements

Part 7 – Bent and cracked metalwork

Part 8 – Making and fitting some new bits

Part 9 – A surprise gift and a little bit of history

Part 10 – Paper, paper! and a little bit of wood

Part 11 – Progress at last, fitting the fuel tank

Part 11b – and a surprise visitation

Part 12 – Some work in the cockpit

Part 13  – Rivets

Part 13a – The power of internet

Part 13b – Thinking about legs

Part 14 – Wheels and a bit of a SPLASH

Part 15 – Another wheel and mending a hole

[Note Feb 2011] As some of you have probably guessed, this project stalled in 2009 due to commitments to the Saxon Microlights business.

We hope to be able to report more progress later this year.

[Note Dec 2012] Some progress…

Part 16 – Back to the workshop

[Note a few months later]

Part 17 – Sniffing around the tail

Part 18 – A look quick look at the cockpit 

[… and now it’s September 2014]

Part 19 – Some work at the back

Part 20 – Trial fit some controls

Part 21 – Measuring the hump

So this is as far as the original Tiger Cub project story goes. We’ll now start trying to catch up to date

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